Faramarz Yadegarian

Legal Advisor and Arbitrator

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: 1994 September 14
  • Marital: Single
  • Nationality: Iranian
  • Skype: F_Yadegarian65
  • PHONE: +98 915 560 6269
  • EMAIL: Faramarz@Yadegarian.com


I am proud that I always had great wishes and I have covered most of them . I am honored to be graduated at law and work in Iranian legal system as an adviser, as well as to defend people whose rights have been violated and defend the right and fight against the void and tyranny. I chose Democracy and Human Rights for my higher education field and stablished my Arbitration Institute with this same perspective and I hope I can help more people in my life and be successful in this highly valuable way.


FromNov, 2021ToPresent

(More than 6 Months)

Avaye Rahnama Legal and Arbitration InstituteMashhad, Iran

(Technical Manager)

I have started my collaboration with Avaye Rahnama early this November as a Technical Manager (Arbitrator, Legal Advisor, Website and Social Media Manager and Content creator). It’s a great pleasure and amazing work expreince in both legal and virtual areas.

FromMar, 2020ToPresent

(More than 2 Years)

Dadban Edalat Yadegarian (DEY) Arbitration InstituteMashhad, Iran

Arbitrator and Legal Advisor

I am happy that by choosing the field of law to study, I have solved part of my concerns, which has been to defend the right against the wrong. I am proud to have always acted in defense of the oppressed against the oppressors. The selection of the human rights for my higher education studies as well as the establishment of the DEY Arbitration Institute have been in this same way. With the help of God, I can always provide special and quality legal services to all people whose rights have been violated.

FromDec, 2019ToPresent

(More than 2 years)

Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (AP-GC)Ottawa, Canada

International Advisory Board

After Master graduation in Democracy and Human Rights I became one of International Advisory board of Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns and started my collaboration as: Iran’s and International’s Law and Human Rights Expert.

FromJune, 2015ToFeb, 2018

(2 YEARS and 8 MONTHS)

Madam Tayebeh Madani Law officeMashhad, Iran


At the time of studying in law, as well as after graduation, I cooperated with Madam Madani and helped her in legal cases.



Team work
Social Media
Decision Making
Problem Solving
ICDL 1& 2
CMS websites


  • PersianPersian:Advanced
  • EnglishEnglish:Intermediate



Research Experiences and publications

Iran’s Countermeasures to U.S withdrawal from JCPOA and the Trigger Mechanism (English Version)

Journal: Iranian Association for United Nations Studies, Volume 2, Issue 2, Serial Number 3 (Summer and Autumn 2019 - Pages 89 -...

legal Analysis of Iran’s Complaint against United States of America, Based on Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights 1955

Master Thesis, Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, Netherlands, The Hague Abstract: In the international system of law, every single obligation has some kind...

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