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Faramarz Yadegarian • Arbitrator and Legal Advisor
About Me

About Me

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I am proud that I always had great wishes and I have covered most of them . I am honored to be graduated at law and work in Iranian legal system as an adviser, as well as to defend people whose rights have been violated and defend the right and fight against the void and tyranny. I chose Democracy and Human Rights for my higher education field and stablished my Arbitration Institute with this same perspective and I hope I can help more people in my life and be successful in this highly valuable way.



Work Background





Expertises and Languages

Self-Expression 100%
Team work 100%
Social Media Management 100%
CMS Websites 100%
Decision Making 90%
Problem Solving 90%
ICDL 1& 2 85%
Flexibility 85%
Creative 80%
Innovation 80%


Persian 🇮🇷 : Native – English 🇺🇸 : Intermediate



Training Courses and Workshops

This section shows courses which, passed based on test, assignment and final assessment (to see the validation of each certificate, open it and click on Validation):


Attended Conferences



JULY, 2020 - Hague Center for International Law and Investment in associate with Allameh Tabataba’i University and Iranian Association of International Criminal Law. Tutor: Professor Anja Matwijkiw P.h.D. from Indian University Northwest, USA.



Research Experiences and Publications


Can Iran have the United States Sentenced at the International Court of Justice for its Unilateral Sanctions against Iran

In reviewing process, European Journal of International Law (EJIL) After a few decades of conflict on Iran’s nuclear program and decades of sanctions against this country, eventually with the signing of the JCPOA by the conflicting parties in 2015 and its endorsement by the UNSC by means of Resolution 2231, the previous sanctions were removed. [...]


The Sanction for Verdicts of the International Court of Justice by Reviewing an Ongoing Lawsuit

In reviewing process, Iranian Review for UN Studies (IRUNS) After giving itself jurisdiction to hear the case of the 1955 Treaty of Amity between Iran and the United States and the case of the Frozen Iranian Assets, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) took a step towards substantive competence (Merits) of such cases. Once a [...]


Establishment of the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, by studying previous lawsuits between Iran and the United States of America

Journal: Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs, Volume 12 (2021), Issue 34 After the unilateral sanctions of the United States rooted in the aftermath of the nuclear deal, Iran decided to sue the United States at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) based on the 1955 Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights. Once a [...]


Iran’s Countermeasures to U.S withdrawal from JCPOA and the Trigger Mechanism

Journal: Iranian Association for United Nations Studies, Volume 2, Issue 2, Serial Number 3 (Summer and Autumn 2019 – Pages 89 – 110) - The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA can be considered the main source of new political tensions between Iran and the United States during Donald Trump’s administration. After Donald Trump’s unilateral [...]


legal Analysis of Iran’s Complaint against United States of America, Based on Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights 1955

Master Thesis, Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, Netherlands, The Hague In the international system of law, every single obligation has some kind of executive sanction, and countries violating those obligations shall be held responsible. After the 1979 Revolution in Iran, the United States has consistently violated various provisions of the 1955 Treaty of Amity,a source of international law, and subsequently the 1969 Convention on the Law of Treaties. [...]



Scholarships and Funds


Scholarships and Funds

Coursera: Fund Amount: Full Fund

Edx, Harvard University: Fund Amount: 90%

Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, MA program: Fund Amount: Full Fund

Fan Pardazan higher education institute and Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology: Fund Amount: Full Fund



I have been asked to write a reference letter for Mr. Faramarz Yadegarian. I have known Yadegarian from two years ago when he was in my graduate seminar on Human Rights at the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (ISSH). I was his professor and supervisor of his MA dissertation Research paper. Therefore, I feel I can fairly attest to the quality of his work as well as his personal character.
Mr. Yadegarian was a solid, smart, and hard-working student. He has an incisive mind, analyses problems well, and contributed to discussions during lectures. He was often posing thought-provoking questions and was amazingly setting critical positions against the mainstream views. He was organized and disciplined, always attending class on time, and was enthusiastic and passionate to participate in debates. He gained an A- mark for the graduate seminar.

Professor Mahmoud Masaeli P.h.D, . International Development and Global Studies Professor, University of Ottawa and CEO at Perspectives and Global Concerns (ap-gc.net)

As the Dean of the Faculty of Law, I hereby confirm that he has passed two specialized courses in my classes including “Civil Code III: Generalities of Contracts (Code: 19616)” and “Civil Code VIII: Inheritance, preemption, and will (Code: 22115)” and that he was one of my talented and hardworking students. It is to be noted that he has been actively participating in class discussions, having questioning spirit.⠀


Professor Mojtaba Zahedian P.h.D, Dean of the Faculty of Law Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch

Please be informed that the present Recommendation Letter was drawn to Mr. Faramarz Yadegarian. It is to be noted that he has passed three specialized courses in my classes including “General International Law || (Code 20739)” and “Specialized International Law 11 (Code 12075)” as well as “International Organizations Law (Code 19709)”. Through the three semesters of the attendance of Mr. Faramarz Yadegarian at my classes, he has passed the courses obtaining high scores. I hereby certify that he has been a hardworking and knowledgeable student, being eager for increasing learning.

Professor Amir Hossein Molkizadeh P.h.D, Vice-Chancellor of the Department of Law Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch



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